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what a catch.


It's hard, after so many years of running this community, to say goodbye, but I couldn't even try to write this post without including a long list of thank yous.  First, to enriana, who started this comm and ran its first round.  She handed it off to me when IRL called her away from the Internet, but nothing here would have happened without her.  Second, to vetica, who gave us permission to take the idea behind 20inspirations and make a comm for everyone.  Third, to everyone who has helped out as a mod here - absolutelybatty, bitterbird, cb_janey, classicgirl1325, moonshinefaerie, nightbulbs, oh_cheezit, and raiindust.  We never would have made it to 50 rounds without you guys.

It's been a lot of fun brainstorming up themes for rounds and hunting for inspirations, but the best thing about this comm is the way each and every one of you interpret the themes into something unique for your icons.  No matter how weird and out there our themes got, you guys met the challenge and made absolutely amazing icons.  I know all of us on the mod team were constantly amazed by the ideas and talent among our users, and it certainly inspired us.

For those of you who weren't so much participants as watchers and community members, thanks to you too.  We all appreciated your comments and votes.  It's great to make a pretty icon, but even greater to have others appreciate it as well.

Thank you again to everyone who helped make this comm what it was, and who kept it alive for 50 rounds.  Despite the fact that we won't be running new rounds here, I encourage anyone who wants to make use of our inspiration posts, and to share anything you make over at more_inspired.

See you around,


Hello dear members,

I have to say it's very bittersweet to see insp20in20 closing its doors. I was only here for a short time but I've enjoyed myself immensely, something I was profusely worried about when I offered my services initially. It's been a blast. You all are super talented icon makers who have risen to our challenges time and time again. I know that being a part of this challenge community has definitely broadened my horizons as a moderator and a participant and I hope it's done the same for you. You guys have been fantastic. Thank you for the wonderful journey.

All my love,

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