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A 20in20 icon challenge community
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Welcome to inspired20in20. This community wouldn't be here if not for the wonderful 20inspirations, so be sure to check them out. What happens here? Well, like all 20in20s, you're given 20 days to make 20 icons. However, instead of getting making icons from themes and categories, there will be a monthly inspiration post with an overreaching theme for all of your icons to fit into. This theme will be largely interpretive, meaning as long as you tell us the connections from our theme to your work, you can pretty much make what you want, how you want it.
We have a sister comm, more_inspired, which you can join (regardless of whether you are a participant here) to join in discussions, memes, and more that are related to the current round here.

Rules & Guidelines
- You can claim anything that strikes your fancy (even it's already been claimed): from stock, to TV shows, to fashion, to celebrities, to movies & more.
- All of your icons must be made by you, for the current challenge.
- Please include three teaser icons & either a cut or a link to the (public) post where the icons are located.
- Take the time to look at other people's entries and leave them comments & feedback.
- At the end of every round, people will pick 3 icons PER submission. The top icons will go in the latest Hall of Fame post.
- Sign ups are limited to 30 people per round.

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